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Our team is trained and certified for installations and maintenance of irrigation systems. We do both residential and commercial areas. With each sprinkler system, there is a five year warranty and a two year complimentary maintenance option included.


  • Sturdy solid rpz, difficult to damage, easily repairable and for less cost than competing brands 

  • Controller. proven.  dependable. good surge protection. expandable. smart. 

  • Weather sensor upgrade from standard rain sensor to conserve water and save money

  • Pvc main pressure rated at 200psi

  • Schedule 80 manifold at valve assemblies for easy maintenance for future repairs

  • Industry leading valves wired with water proof wire connectors preventing corrosion extending life of valves wire and all electrical components

  • Full size valve boxes housing pipe and valves installed at proper depths to keep dirt and other debris from growing into valve assemblies

  • Durable poly pipe after each valve installed to each head important in the Midwest region to prevent freeze damage. 

  • Flexible tubing from each fitting to each head to allow heads perfectly set at grade and prevent damage to fittings from mower or other heavy machinery impact

  • Heads installed head to head for most efficient watering patterns.  system designed 80% capacity of water service allows full use of domestic functions... ie showers, dishes,  laundry.  no need to plan schedule around irrigation watering schedule. ​


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